Where We create

STARTUPS from scratch

Our laboratory where we continuously experiment and shape new startup ideas.

Makers. Builders. Creators. Working together and having fun.

how we work


It all starts with a deep market analysis to identify potential ideas and opportunities for growing markets. We come up with a unique idea to solve a pain.


Once our mind is clear we create an internal team headed by a Virtual Ceo and then we move on to create a prototype to validate the idea to prepare it to win its first investor day.


We co-found the company together with the Virtual Ceo (who becomes its CEO). We present it to an Investor Day to raise the first funds. Then we start building an MVP to test the market fit.


We help the company to generate traction through our network. We show it up at a new investment event to raise new funds and become self-standing to fly away!

our makers culture

We’ve got a culture of makers, and our formula is about mixing it with our passion for entrepreneurship.

Life at ​the FoolFarm Lab is pretty much like having permanent hackathons, fun coding sessions, even at night from time to time where we team up to explore on ideas and build prototypes.

​ FoolFarm invests resources in these products and pushes them forward in order to get metrics and understand insights from the market.​ Products with traction will require yet more resources, that’s when we get a series of investments in order to keep building the team and business, and make the product an independent business/spin-off.

what is a “casty”

Casty is an original event designed by FoolFarm to select the new VirtualCeo that will co-found our upcoming startups with us. In our Venture Builder model, in fact we select the CEOs of startups that we launch.

The event is held every 6 months and takes place in two days of tests at the end of which the CEOs of our new startups will be chosen.

we want you !

Do you want to become an our startup co-founder?

Join our team of VirtualCEO. We are looking for motivated professionals who want to become co-founders of new Lab startups.

We offer investments, a validated business idea, an operating model, a dedicated team of experts committed to the project and access to capital and investors.

what is a virtual ceo

It is a "aspiring entrepreneur" who will become the CEO and co-founder of our startup. We insert it in our startups since initial stages of all our projects. He behaves like the Future CEO of Startup: for this reason we call it VirtualCeo, but when we found the startup he becomes the CEO for real!


 Casty is a sort of CEO Hackathon where challengers compete for the opportunity to become the CEO of a new FoolFarm Startup in front of a fierce jury and live with televoting.

THROUGH STARTUPS, are your ready?