Furthermore, this does allow for more choice, meaning you can tailor the blockchain completely to your own specific needs. Here are the factors that you need to consider when choosing the blockchain development team for your upcoming project. Chances are you cannot find the best software company that is ready to help you with blockchain technology. But it does not mean that you cannot find your best partner for your project. Hiring a company for your upcoming blockchain project is almost the same as hiring software engineering services for a particular software. The big perk of public networks is that the infrastructure already exists so you’re only building on top of it, which can be cheaper at first as you only need to be able to access a node.

Although the documentation site doesn’t look fancy, the team managed to introduce a nice flow in the documentation, which is helpful for novice developers to find their way. If you’re a more advanced developer, there’s an “Advanced Tutorial” section that tells you, for example, how to launch your security token offering on Ardor. If we look further, we can find a separate Telegram channel, developed exclusively for RSK smart contracts. Additionally, Gitter is actively used to answer technical questions from 400 members.

The applications should be developed according to the client’s specifications. The blockchain development industry is one of the most challenging and lucrative industries right now. It is the industry that offers the provision of blockchain-based services. Blockchain solutions are becoming more popular in various business domains, including real estate, financial services, healthcare, logistics, etc. You can even ask for blockchain developers who have experience in specific industries.

As a result, we propose double-checking the dev team’s willingness to make daily calls. Harness the power of blockchain by becoming an innovative financial institution featuring instant P2P transactions of crypto assets among users. Use our team’s 10+ years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency to develop your personal cryptobank. If and when a business chooses the right development partner, the value added by the firm should always be greater than its cost. Thus, although we understand budget constraints, we wouldn’t advise making price the biggest factor when deciding on a blockchain consulting and development partner.

Blockchain is not their primary expertise

The most direct and commonly accepted use of blockchain is cryptocurrency. If you have an idea to create your cryptocurrency, don’t neglect it, but consult companies involved in blockchain development. At least, you can read our article on how to develop a cryptocurrency and why it makes sense. Communication with the project manager at the organization may not be sufficient to have a better understanding of the blockchain development process.

The non-technical people involved should understand the trade-offs involved in deploying a blockchain application. The security aspect of the blockchain platform is related to network security. Using the blockchain requires the keys connected with the blockchain software or applications. Those keys are sensitive so that you must store them in the safest place possible. To become a reliable blockchain developer, you must know what skills a blockchain developer must master.


It requires dedicated effort by goal-driven professionals who have a ton of things to focus on on their plate. While many such startups believe that having an in-house team of developers is a safer way to achieve software solutions, choosing to outsource software development has its benefits. Nevertheless, these startups look to ease their workload by outsourcing software development tasks.

  • They have got aced designers and developers who can boost customer engagement and bring on board new revenue channels.
  • This can cause a problem if you want to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency, as the price could change while you are waiting.
  • RSK uses a two-way peg to stay connected to the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Nowadays, building a mobile app with blockchain technologies helps to increase security and also protect it from malicious attacks.
  • Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company.
  • As you can see, FinTech is the leading industry currently promoting Polkadot as a blockchain platform.
  • Due to Gulf Stream usage it has the ability to process over 50 thousands transactions per second while providing a highly secured environment for its users.

Let’s see what the 3 most promising blockchain platforms have to offer and which one will be suitable for your project. Blockchain authorities, much like the programming itself, are the most costly in North America (over $200 every hour). Looking in Western Europe, you can discover progressively reasonable engineers ($100-$150).

Additionally, the RSK Infrastructure team has been working on their long-awaited “Layer 3 solution”. The RIF team has completed the Lumino project, which can process 5000 transactions per second. The concept of Lumino is based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which also uses state channels for transactions off-chain. Therefore, higher throughput can be achieved if only balanced with the shared side of the network.

Bitcoin falls below $56,500 as the entire crypto market sees red.

There are multiple situations and fields where blockchain can be handy. Because if your business or startup is related to one of the areas below, you’d better consider hiring a blockchain software development company to optimize business processes. W3Villa is a leading blockchain consulting company that offers the best blockchain development services that help your business in saving costs while streamlining its operations. Another Ethereum competitor called Polkadot has multiple advantages, such as scalability, cross-chain communication, and a shared security model. If you choose this option, you will not have to worry about high transaction fees, low TPS, and other problems. Creating a dApp using Polkadot is easy, but it will require an additional bridge to connect to other blockchains.

How to choose the right blockchain development team

Corda, created by R3, a consortium of banks focusing on blockchain solutions. Every cryptocurrency builds on Distributed Ledger Technology , and Blockchain is one of the trendy examples. A person who makes a blockchain is called a blockchain developer.

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And when these parameters do, it is important to be ready to scale up. Besides security, privacy is such an important factor for the clients. If the app holds the private information of the users such as full names, home addresses, etc, you need to consider having a private network. It is because you want to protect the private information of your app users. There are some common concerns that you’d need to consider before proceeding with your next project. For instance, Microsoft Azure has BaaS offerings for you so that you don’t need to build the blockchain from the scratch.

How to choose the right blockchain development team

We expect a high demand for this type of solution along with Polkadot wider adoption. Nowadays, there is a really huge amount of creative and innovative ideas circulating on the blockchain market. Yet, just a few of them have proven their usability and got a positive ROI after launch. Bitcoin falls below $56,500 as the entire bitcoin development team crypto market sees red. It will interpret your White-paper and site in nearby dialects and increment web-based social networking commitment. Through this, little financial specialists will most likely get more significant rewards through the pool than through you legitimately, which will expand the eagerness to contribute.

RIF Layer 3 solutions such as Lumino and RIF Storage are expected to be integrated in Taringa! This is an important milestone to look out for that promises to increase Bitcoin usage. Keeping personal details in a decentralized blockchain boosts data security and protects it from leakage. Visit regularly to the social media platforms of the listed companies can also get information about them. Check out the insights, blog posts, and other relevant information that helps to understand the company’s approach and its point of view. As far as choosing a blockchain platform for dApp building is one of the most difficult tasks, we propose to concentrate on this approach in the next parts of this article.

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Another factor in evaluating is the company’s social media activity or articles in well-known media communities. As easy as it sounds, verifying a company’s account on popular media may provide you with a wealth of information and assist you in selecting trustworthy blockchain engineers. The development team may encounter various issues or pitfalls throughout the implementation phase. To provide adaptable techniques, one must seek alternate problem-solving strategies that are affordable and of high quality.

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Miami’s next big Web3 summit announces packed agenda featuring high-profile speakers.

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You will get security and efficiency combined without any middleman or red tape. Blaize is a development & service company with an emphasis on blockchain technology. Polkadot is a multichain ecosystem which is aimed to create a scalable and interoperable network of blockchains. Thus, if your projects need to have such features, so starting your dApp or even blockchain on Polkadot is the right choice. We recommend using EOS if your project needs to run many smart contracts at once along with fast crypto payments. In addition, with the help of EOS, you can create a perfect untrusted environment for managing and operating various IoT devices.

As one of the difficulties of building a dApp or bridge on Polkadot or Kusama, we can say that there are just a few use cases showing an example of this. Therefore, it might be challenging to find experienced blockchain specialists in this area. Polkadot is one of the most prominent projects of upcoming years. Its name says multichain because Polkadot is a hosting environment for a number of other blockchains that can be easily connected to it.


If your company or team uses a private, permissioned blockchain network, there are two main ways to store cryptocurrency. The first is to have it on a hardware wallet like a Trezor or Ledger Nano S. The second is by using an exchange like Coinbase or Binance. This involves securely managing versions of your blockchain platform code. This is an important step because if a hacker can get a copy of one of the versions of the code, then he would be able to modify that version of the code and rule your blockchain system. One of the greatest strengths of Ethereum is the concept known as smart contracts. Smart contracts are the codes that hold things on the blockchain.

It includes programming languages, data structures, databases, and networking. Second, the tools provided by Ethereum and third-party tools are very good. One of the best tools for developers to start smart contract development is Truffle Suite. Truffle is not only an IDE for smart contract development, but also a testing framework that can directly deploy contracts. Truffle Suite also comes with Ganache, a one-click blockchain that you can use to try out smart contracts or run tests in a secure environment. Blockchain development companies should have knowledge and experience in the programming languages like Node.js, Angular JS, Javascript, Solidity, and Go-Lang.

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The first consideration is whether you want to use a public or a private network. Public networks are publicly accessible via the internet and nodes can be run by anyone. They require a payment in cryptocurrency to transact or run applications on the network.