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Let’s become a  CEO  of one of our Startups!

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We create our Startups  from scratch through a 36-month continuous cycle industrial method thanks to a multidisciplinary team. We finance our Startups through Investor days and we support them until they become autonomous. We select the best talents for our Startups who can become CEOs after a rigorous selection and couching process.

Discover the Casty!

We have reinvented the talent selection model. Casty is a television-inspired event, halfway between a hackathon and a talent show. We think that the CEO of a Startup must have leadership and the ability to “pierce the screen”: over 60% of Startups fail for a CEO who is not up to par. In our Venture Builder model we have the possibility to choose it and be supported in the choice not only by the public from home who will vote through an App but also by a jury of super experts who will vote the candidates live. In the end, the best will win.


Candidates present themselves to the public.

The super jury of experts votes them live.

Candidates receive votes live and from the public at home with an App. The winners become the CEOs of our Startups

HOW it works

You can candidate yourself for be a CEO by applying in the form below

If you are selected you will be subjected to an interview by our experts

The winners will be the candidates to become the next CEOs of our Startups and will be invited to our Studios for interviews with our team in which the Startups will be presented where they can become CEOs

You will have to guarantee full commitment in the project and dedicate yourself full time to it (so if you have another job we warn you that you will have to leave it to take on the role of CEO in the Startup where you will be paid - startup salary - and you can have an options plan to progressively become prop

you will co-found the startup with us from the beginning and you will be prepared to present your new creature to an investor day foolfarm to your potential investors. The adventure begins.

And don't worry if you are not among the winners: you can be selected to become COO, Co-Founder or CTO of one of our Startups. We draw from the pool of candidates to complete our Startup teams!

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