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a new model

to build COMPANIES

FoolFarm is a platform for the birth, growth and development of start-ups founded in Milan, Italy.

BE FOOL is our venture building method

ideation & selection

In our laboratories we are constantly developing new algorithms, prototypes and patents. Around the best we create new concepts and business ideas, we analyze the market and new trends. In the end we choose the best idea around which to build a new Startup.

DEVELOPMENT & investment

We create a dedicated team and in a maximum of three / four months we build a company from scratch: from the mockup to the business plan, from the customer experience to the market strategy. We select a Virtual Ceo who will accompany the Startup until Investor Day.

BUILD & traction

Once the first funds have been collected, we create a team that works alongside the Virtual Ceo as if it were the Startup team. We develop the MVP and we begin to evangelize the market by leveraging our super network based on our Community The Fooler Club and on the Spark business unit which proposes the Startup on large companies to develop the first POCs. In this phase which lasts 12 months, the Startup will have to demonstrate traction and complete the product to present itself to a new Investor Day.

growth & Scale

As the business develops we provide formal support from our Venture Builder Services and Investment teams to help the company with core functions, strategic advice and funding support, including access to our base of international investors up to accompanying it to Round A where FoolFarm usually reduces its minority stake or aims to exit.

A centralized mix of services to all our venture-backed startups, from software development to go-to-market and mentorships from our Corporate Community.

A 100+ Angel Investors community called Foolfarm Community. Thanks to it our collective network and reach is massive to connect any Startups with the right Customers, Partners and Investors at the right time.

We help match your startups with the needed talent making some of the difficult hiring processes easy.

An exclusive Venture Building process called BeFOOL, with predefined times and steps aimed for maximum and fast success rate.

An highly experienced legal team capable of accompanying them from the moment of birth, to the first investment moment, to M&A and Exit.  We also help Startups to build IPs and to have an intellectual property culture that can make a difference when it's time to exit.

We host our Startups for free in our Innovation Hub, over 500 square meters of creativity in the industrial heart of Milan.

" We were born inventors and we have created products used by millions of people and successful Startups. We create startups from scratch in our laboratories, offering our investors solid opportunities based on concrete assets."
Andrea Cinelli
Ceo & Founder FoolFarm Spa

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