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Building a STARTUP is hard Foolfarm makes it easier!

We are not an incubator, an accelerator, a development studio or an agency.

 We are a Venture Builder, in simple words a Startups’ Factory with an industrial-like methodology and what makes us that way is that we love creating startups and we know how to that. We know how to launch and finance a venture and how to make it scale, leveraging our platform, community and operational experience. We build disruptive startups for daring founders & corporations.

We believe in artificial intelligence and blockchain as the engines for change and that entrepreneurs are the driving force of change for mankind. In Foolfarm we aim to create better futures creating startups to improve people's lives through innovation. We are looking for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Join us and let’s make an impact together!

we build & CO-FOUND startups with visionary founders and  for daring corporations

We are a Startup Studio. We have three business units that work together as a single ecosystem.


BE FOOL is our exclusive venture building method

We strongly believe that success for a startup is not reached by chance or luck, but is the result of expertise, methodology and resources. Foolfarm invented BeFOOL, a venture building proprietary method, which turns a startup idea into a successful business like no others designed to reduce the risk of startup failure, and to enhance the quality of the startups produced.


It all starts with a deep market analysis to identify new ideas and opportunities for growing markets. Together with our team we brainstorm ideas and test them out using real datasets to find a product or business model that will sustain.


Once we find a great idea, we start working on to validate market appeal. If it works we set-up a newco and begin to prepare the first round of financing.


After raised first seeds the team starts building an MVP to test the market fit and the customer discovery.


We work to boost traction and sales while preparing for the next seed round. 


As the business develops we provide formal support from our Venture Builder Services to help the company with core functions, strategic advice and funding support, including access to our base of international investors.



Voiceme is the first B2B2C platform that allows for Dynamic Enhanced Voice Secure Customer Authentication & Payment peer-to-peer that allows you to use a person’s voice in their identity card, their payment tool and their digital signature.

Presented at Investor Day Q2 2021.
Company: Voiceme Srl
Status: Pre-seed
Time to invest: up to 31 of July 2021
How to Invest: click here
CEO: Giuseppe Audino.


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